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Unlock a Brighter Tomorrow: Join Elevate for Post Separation Empowerment

Discover the Path to Rebuilding Your Life with Exclusive Content, a Supportive Community, and Monthly Coaching Sessions

Are you navigating the challenging terrain of life after separation? We understand this time of your life can be daunting, filled with uncertainty, and often overwhelming. But it's also an opportunity for rebirth, personal growth, and a brighter tomorrow. Welcome to Elevate.

What is Elevate?

Elevate is your roadmap to post-separation empowerment. It's your companion on the path to rebuilding, healing, and thriving. Here's what you'll receive as a member of Elevate ...

Exclusive Content
Gain access to a treasure trove of guidance and actionable and empowering resources crafted to help you tackle the emotional and practical challenges of life after separation. 

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Supportive Community
Connect with a growing compassionate community of individuals who understands your journey. Share stories, exchange insights, and find solace in knowing you're not alone. 

Monthly Coaching
Access pre-recorded coaching sessions and dive deep into self-discovery to help you move forward confidently.

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Your Future Starts Here

Elevate equips you with the knowledge, support, and community you need to:

Build A Fulfilling Life
Craft a vision for your future, set achievable goals, and take actionable steps towards the life you deserve. 

Find Joy and Purpose
Discover new passions, create meaningful connections, and embrace steps towards the life you deserve.

Thrive, Not Just Survive
Transform your separation into personal growth, empowerment and a brighter future.


Your Path to Empowerment

Reclaim Your Identity
Rediscover who you are beyond your relationship, rebuild self-esteem, and redefine your life's purpose.

Emotional Healing
Navigate the emotional rollercoaster with tools to process grief, anger, and sadness, and make space for healing and growth.


Practical Guidance
Learn the essentials of co-parenting, financial management, and building healthy relationships to empower yourself.

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Join Elevate Today

Don't let separation define you. Choose empowerment, healing and growth. Join Elevate today and embark on your journey towards a better, brighter future. 

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Tahnee Coonan is a family lawyer with over a decade of experience, and she possesses a deep understanding of the complex and emotionally charged journey that often accompanies separation. As a dedicated legal professional, Tahnee has made it her mission to not only provide expert legal advice and representation, but also to guide individuals through the challenging and turbulent waters of post-separation life.

In her role as a family lawyer, Tahnee recognises that going through a separation can be one of the most emotionally and mentally demanding phases in a person's life. It's a time when individuals are faced with profound changes, and navigating these changes requires a knowledgeable and compassionate guide.

Tahnee offers more than just legal expertise. She provides a coaching service designed to help people move forward in their lives following a separation. Her approach is holistic, acknowledging that the legal aspects are just one facet of the journey. Her guidance extends to emotional support, practical tools and takeaways to implement into your life straight away, and personal development strategies.

Meet Tahnee Coonan

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Tahnee is bright, open and encouraging. She’s a gifted life coach that has helped me break my life down into its components and focus on what’s truly important. She’s a voice of reason during challenging times and a source of guidance and support. With her help I am building the life I’ve always wanted.

Matt C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Elevate
A. Elevate is a membership program designed to empower individuals who are going through separation by providing exclusive content, access to a growing supportive community, and monthly coaching sessions. It offers guidance on emotional healing, and actionable tools and strategies for rebuilding your life post-separation. 

Q. Who can benefit from Elevate?
A. Elevate is open to anyone going through a separation, divorce or the aftermath of a significant relationship change. Our community and resources are here to support your emotional and practice needs during this challenging time. 

Q. What kind of content does Elevate offer?
A. Elevate provides a wealth of resources, including articles, guides, templates, and practical tools and takeaways covering topics such as emotional healing, co-parenting, financial management, and personal growth.

Q. Is Elevate a substitute for legal advice or therapy?
A. No. Elevate is not a substitute for legal advice or therapy. While we provide valuable resources and support, our program is designed for educational purposes only. If you require legal assistance or therapy, it's essential to seek guidance from qualified professionals for the purpose of obtaining legal advice or therapy.

Q. What is the cost of the Elevate membership?
A. The cost of the Elevate membership is $79 AUD per month.

Q. How can I join Elevate?
A. Joining Elevate is easy. Simply click the Joint Now button on this page, and you'll be guided through the registration.

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