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Your Family Law Experts

Welcome to Coonan & Coonan Legal

Coonan & Coonan Legal provides comprehensive advice and representation in all areas of law relating to family relationships. We understand that separation can be a very difficult and emotional time for the whole family, which often involves particularly challenging parental and financial decisions.

We take the time to listen to our clients and understand that all family situations are unique. We clearly explain the process and options available to ensure you clearly understand the information we present before making any big decisions. 

We are committed to managing your needs and expectations effectively and sensitively, whether you need non-adversarial solutions such as negotiations and mediation, or representing you and your case at court. 

Introducing our law firm

Our Services


Joint Divorce

A joint divorce application involves both you and your spouse agreeing to prepare and file a joint application together.


Sole Divorce

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, a spouse is able to apply for a sole divorce without the consent of the other spouse. 


Consent Orders

You and your spouse or partner, have reached an agreement about your children, your finances, or spousal maintenance.



Parenting orders include who the child lives with, spends time with, special days and parental responsibility.   



In all family law financial cases, there is a four step process. Learn how the court determines family law property settlements and understand your requirements. 


Dispute Resolution

Family dispute resolution is a prerequisite before applying for parenting orders, and offers a efficient and effective solution to resolving family law matters.


Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is a private and voluntary agreement specifying parenting arrangements, and is not legally binding.


Spousal Maintenance

Financial support paid by a spouse or de facto, in circumstances where the other person is unable to adequately support themselves. 

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Our Legal Director

Tahnee Coonan is a family law barrister & solicitor with over a decade of legal experience. Tahnee has both private and public sector experience, and has been in-house legal advisor to government agencies, including the Police, Fire & Emergency Services, the Department of Health, Crimes Victims Services Unit, and their litigation department. Tahnee has successfully represented clients in the Family Court & Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Supreme Court, Local Court and interstate jurisdictions. 

Tahnee is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner registered with the Attorney-General's Department. 

Tahnee received a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (with a double major in Management and Entrepreneurship) from James Cook University and is admitted to the High Court and Supreme Court of Australia. 

Tahnee enjoys the ocean, meditation, travelling, philosophy, and is an avid reader.


Warren D.

"My situation was complex, I owe the success to Tahnee Coonan. Her warm style & guidance shown throughout, reinforced by  dedication and Tahnee’s unique negotiating skills. Finalising with a great result. An awesome lawyer!"

We focus on solutions and help you navigate through life's greatest transitions.

Coonan & Coonan Legal

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