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Divorce Application
Consent Order Application

Need Help with a Consent Order or Divorce Application?

Nobody wants to go through a divorce, and when children are involved, it can often make matters worse. In addition to the other arrangements and issues between the litigants, are the additional concerns regarding children. If you are looking to begin the difficult process of a divorce and need to file a divorce application, Coonan and Coonan Legal can help. Our team is also here to help if you are looking for less contentious ways to work things out, such as a consent order application.

The law is designed to help people and protect people. As attorneys, our job is to facilitate and put the law to work on your behalf. That is also why we are here to help people with the often emotional and painful task of proceedings like divorce. If you need help to file a divorce application or if you want assistance with a consent order application, along with other related paperwork, filings, and concerns, you want Coonan and Coonan Legal.

Our team is experienced in the often messy, commonly intricate, and in many cases, emotionally-charged issues of divorce. That also means we understand the importance of caring, patience, and understanding. No, these aren't terms synonymous with lawyers, but when dealing with divorce and custody issues, maybe they should be.

Thank you for visiting our team at Coonan and Coonan Legal, where we are here to put the law to work for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services, rates, or to schedule a consultation today.

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