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The Laws of Success

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Learn how to transform your life through meditation and find inner peace with a full-body relaxation meditation.

The Law of


Week 1


​Receive practical takeaways on how to master your thoughts and emotions, including in stressful situations.

The Law of Mindset

Week 2


We visualise and set goals of our aspirations that we seek to manifest in each key area of our lives.

The Law of


Week 3


We visualise and set goals by feeling the emotions

we want to embody from achieving our life goals

and aspirations.

The Law of Emotion

Week 4


Receive techniques on how to practice self-awareness to master focus and attention.

The Law of Mindfulness

Week 5


Here we learn the importance of gratitude

to attract more abundance, positivity, and joy into our lives.

The Law of Gratitude

Week 6


Starts 1 October 2022

Limited Spots Available

The Laws of Success


Learn self-care techniques to feel energised, be productive, nourish our mind, body, and soul, and elevate high performance.

The Law of


Week 7

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