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When Experience Matters

 We look at the Big Picture

Our specialty is family law. We have over a decade of legal experience helping clients move forward from a separation, including highly complex and litigious court matters. Engaging an experienced family lawyer for your case truly matters. An exceptional family lawyer is able to take a global perspective of your case and provide you with advice tailored to your situation, by being able to see the whole picture. This is what we do at Coonan & Coonan Legal.

Coonan & Coonan Legal

Our Mission

To help clients transition as smoothly as possible through the family law legal process, and providing high quality legal advice and support, moving forward.

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Tahnee Coonan

Tahnee Coonan is a family law barrister & solicitor with over a decade of legal experience. Tahnee has both private and public sector experience, and has been in-house legal advisor to government agencies, including the Police, Fire & Emergency Services, the Department of Health, Crimes Victims Services Unit, and their litigation department. Tahnee has successfully represented clients in the Family Court & Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Supreme Court, Local Court and interstate jurisdictions. 

Tahnee is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner registered with the Attorney-General's Department. 

Tahnee received a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (with a double major in Management and Entrepreneurship) from James Cook University and is admitted to the High Court and Supreme Court of Australia. 

Tahnee enjoys the ocean, meditation, travelling, philosophy, and is an avid reader.

Family Law Barrister & Solicitor

Our Legal Director

Paul L.

"Thank you for a very effective and smooth handling of my case, which would have otherwise been very difficult and stressful for me". 

Helen S.

"Reliable, responsive, and efficient. Thank you for going above and beyond". 

Taylor V.

“Highly recommend. Professional and compassionate, addressed challenging issues and worked efficiently to resolve them. Always available to assist and clarified complex processes clearly".
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